Everything You Need To Know About Children’s Day

Japanese culture is fascinatingly magnificent and the history behind Children’s Day is no exception. We love celebrating this holiday every single year, so take a look at why it’s so special!

Children’s Day aka ‘Kodomo no Hi’ is a national holiday celebrated in Japan on May 5th every year. While the celebration was made an official holiday in 1948, it’s believed to have been celebrated way back to ancient times.

So what’s it all about I hear you ask? Well Children’s Day is a day to respect children’s personalities and to celebrate their overall happiness. Back in the good ol days, the holiday originally celebrated male children and their fathers. A seperate holiday called Hinamatsuri or ‘Dolls’ Day’ celebrated the gals. Thankfully the government changed their ways and decided to combine the two, celebrating the happiness of ALL children. Yay!

Japanese children performing in traditional kimo

On the day, Japanese families fly colourful ‘koinobori’ carp-shaped streamers or kites. According to Japanese folklore, the carp is used because it symbolises determination and strength. It overcomes many obstacles as it swims upstream. Traditionally, a black carp would sit at the top to represent the father, a red carp next for the mother, and additional carps for each son. Since getting with modern times, families now fly the koinobori to represent all their children, not just the fellas.

Children get to indulge in a little sweet treat on the annual holiday. Kashiwa Mochi is a sweet rice cake made from red beans and rice flour. It is then wrapped in an oak leaf and served to the kiddies on Children’s Day. Due to its unique and sticky nature, it’s always a hit with the kids and adults alike!

The home is also decorated with Samurai warrior figurines and samurai kabuto helmets to help inspire strength and bravery. Children are also encouraged to use the day to show respect for their teachers, parents, and any relatives who care for them.

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