5 Reasons Why Sushi Is So Good For You

We already freakin’ love sushi but did you know it’s crazy good for you too? Take a look at some of the reasons why you should add sushi to your weekly diet.

1. It’s A Weight Watcher

Nothing better than heading out for a nice meal, am I right? But as much as we love eating out, it gets a little tricky when you’re trying to shred for that upcoming beach holiday. Enter sushi! These little forms of edible art are not only delicious but can be super healthy and low cal. Don’t be the wet blanket and order a salad, enjoy a plate full of sushi instead and get your protein fix.

2. Wasabi Prevents Food Poisoning

Sushi and wasabi go hand in hand, just like the Kardashians and their selfies. But did you know the fiery green paste has health benefits of its own? Not only does it soften the smell of raw fish and enhance the flavours, it apparently suppresses bacteria that can cause food poisoning! Hell yeah!

Over head photo of wasabi piped beautifully into a small half slice of lemon.

3. Helps With The Ol Memory Bank

We get that not every piece is healthy. Obviously avoid the fried stuff (but hey everything in moderation right?). But according to Women’s Health, the fatty fish used -like tuna and salmon, is high in omega-3 fatty acids which is believed to improve memory function and other mental abilities!

A purple rimmed plate with some fresh looking sashimi perfectly presented.

4. Ginger Fights Your Wrinkles

I mean really, what doesn’t ginger do for you? Apart from giving your sushi plate a delicious kick, ginger has a truck load of antioxidants that helps prevent damage to the collagen in your skin. Just think of the money you’ll save not having to get botox.

A waiter holding four sushi train plates with clear plastic lids covering them.

5. Gives You Energy

Nori (the seaweed used to wrap up these bundles of joy) is jam packed with B12 vitamins. According to superfooddrinks.org, it is the best source of B12 for vegetarians. Winning! B12 is a pretty important nutrient which converts the food we eat into glucose, which we use for energy. No more red bulls, just have some seaweed!

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