Everything You Need To Know About Taiyaki

Take a minute to become an expert on Taiyaki – everyone’s fave new dessert!

In case you haven’t already noticed, this summer we’re doing things a little differently. We have decided to embrace a little more of that quirky Japanese culture we see flooded on our Instagram feed. Cue our Taiyaki Pop Up! What is Taiyaki is here you ask? Well good news friends, we’re explaining everything there is to know about these cute as a button edible treats.

What is it?

To put it simply, Taiyaki is a Japanese baked cake, shaped like a fish – cute! Taiyaki literally means ‘baked fish’ in Japanese and it replicates the shape of a ‘Tai’ – the Japanese red seabream. Traditionally, Taiyaki is filled with a red bean paste made from sweetened azuki beans. Junny, our amazing head chef was kind enough to make me a batch of these, and while the filling looks a little weird (think red kidney beans), it tastes freakin amazing! Other sweet fillings can include Nutella, custard or ice cream and you can even get savoury versions filled with sweet potato or sausage. Nom Nom.

A hand holding a golden waffle fish cone filled with ice cream and Oreos

How is it made?

Taiyaki is made using a similar batter to your household pancakes or waffles and then poured into two sides of a specially shaped mould. The filling is placed on one side, then the mould is closed and cooked until crispy and golden. Quite simple really. There are also wide-mouth shaped moulds that are used to make more of an ice cream cone, and the filling is poured in later. It is believed to have originally come from Tokyo around the late 1800s to early 1900s (pretty freakin old) and has remained relevant ever since. Nowadays it has since grown in popularity all over Japan and now the world!

How to eat it?

According to Japan Experience, the way you eat your Taiyaki reveals a lot about your personality! Munch on the head first? – Well you’re an optimist but a little bit aggressive. (Sums me up about right) Head for the tail? (See what I did there?) – This means your romantic but a little but naive. Or maybe you just head straight for the guts? – Apparently your energetic, athletic and friendly. Makes total sense if you ask me.

Alas, there you have it. Everything you need to know about Taiyaki. Now come on in and try one for yourself!