Get To Know Your Sushi

Become a sushi master before you order with us next time!

Sushi is our favourite dish – we’re not going to lie! And we’re definitely not alone. This delectable edible art form has grown infinitely popular over the years with more and more sushi trains and sushi hubs popping up around town.

And while it has come a long way since the early days (no longer wrapped in nori boat scum); its main ingredients have remained the same. In a nut shell, it is a Japanese style food featuring fish and/or veggies, combined with vinegar rice. But did you know there are several different types? Get acquainted with your favourite types below and become an expert!


First up we have sashimi. Delicately sliced pieces of raw fish, served as is, no rice included. Technically speaking it isn’t sushi, but who doesn’t love a little grey area right? Sashimi is generally sliced into long rectangular pieces called ‘hira-zukuri’ and often served with condiments like wasabi and ginger on the side.

delicately sliced raw fish sashimi


When most of us think of sushi, we tend to think of those delicately sliced rolls. Nigiri however, doesn’t involve rolling. According to Tablespoon, it is made by moulding a small ball of rice and topping it with a slice of raw fish. Because nigiri can be a little slippery at times, it is totally expectable to be eaten with your hands. Chopsticks virgins rejoice!

A delicious plate of nigiri


Chirashi, pronounced “chi-ra-shi”, means scattered and usually consists of a bowl of rice topped with a mix of raw fish and different garnishes. Think of it as a Japanese poke bowl!


And last but not least we come to maki! Your traditional sushi roll! It generally involves a sheet of nori wrapped around a delicious layer of rice, veggies and fish, rolled up using a special bamboo mat and cut into equal portions.
a pink sushi roll styled with chipsticks

Now that you finally understand the difference in the realms of sushi, join us for a celebration and try your favourite dish!