Where Did The Cosmopolitan Come From?

We know you all love a cocktail so we’re celebrating World Cosmopolitan Day by digging into its past. Take a look at where our favourite pink drink came from…

While not just a popular drink favoured by the famed curly haired Carrie Bradshaw, it would seem the Cosmopolitan has a bit of a blurry past. As we celebrate ‘World Cosmo Day’ this week, we got to wondering where on earth did this delicious drink come from? Turns out we’re not the first ones to go digging for some answers.

Close up photo of a pink cosmopolitan

It looks as though one will never know the exact origins of the cosmopolitan. However many believe it can be traced back to the late nineteenth century when ‘The Daisy’ appeared on the scene. According to vinepair.com it was introduced as a clever way to disguise harsher liquors like gin. The original recipe called for a spirit, a sweetener and a citrus. Which sounds pretty similar to a Cosmo right?

Another theory that pops up on the radar is that the Cosmo was born from the likes of advertising. Much like Coca Cola’s famous Santa Clause campaign, Ocean Spray started marketing ‘The Harpoon’ in 1968. A way to tap into the adult market, their recipe included vodka, cranberry and some lime.

Glass with cranberry cocktail on ice.

Although the drink’s true origins may never be known, a New York barman named Toby Cecchini is apparently credited with creating the now-famous drink over 30 thirty years ago. While it’s true that Toby may have created the popular cocktail, it was celebrities like Madonna and TV shows like Sex and the City that made the drink what it is today.

Thirsty yet? Book in with us and ask one of our bartenders to whip you up this classic cocktail. Cosmos not really your thing? Not a worry, we’ve got a brand spankin new cocktail menu you can try instead.