Christmas in Japan

Christmas is a time to celebrate and we’re curious how the other half do it. Take a look at how Christmas in Japan is celebrated!

While we are enjoying a warm and festive Christmas here in Australia, the gorgeous people of Japan are doing their own very cold traditions! Here are some facts you may not have known about the Christmas tradition in Japan.

A time for lovers

In japan, Christmas isn’t considered necessarily religious and instead of celebrating with your family, the Japanese are known to spend it with their partners. They will usually set a romantic date at a special restaurant, stroll around to see the Christmas lights or anything that tickles their romantic fancy.

It’s lit!

In Japan, they go big or go home with their Christmas lights. It is all about lighting up the city with colour for the Winter period. In fact, it is not common to have a Christmas tree in your home, however it is common to have lights. In recent years, many businesses have switched to eco-friendly LED lights also, to do their bit for the environment. Yay!

Christmas Lights in Japan
Photo by: J Rail Pass

Ho Ho Ho

Lucky for the kids of Japan, the concept of Santa Claus is alive and well. However in Japan, Santa doesn’t travel down your chimney to leave presents for you. He is seen as some kind of magical ghost who appears with presents for the kids!

Food Traditions

Instead of eating a delicious glazed ham or roast turkey for Christmas, the most popular dish in Japan is Kentucky Fried Chicken! Yep, KFC! Just like our Korean Fried Chicken!

A statue of japanese santa


Also in Japan it is very common for the locals to go to Tokyo Disneyland to see all of the decorations & parades!  This Disney style Christmas may have been what inspired the fun & romantic side to the Japanese Christmas Traditions. Parties are held for children with games & dancing. They get to eat sponge cake decorated with Japanese trees, flowers and a figure of Santa!

The disney castle at Tokyo Disneyland

We are open for lunch & dinner every day over the holiday period. Come in and celebrate the happy season with us!

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