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Fun Facts About Sushi

Get excited for the launch of our new sushi menu with some interesting facts about our favourite artistic dishes

Don’t you just love sushi? Delicately sliced fresh cuts of raw fish, carefully rolled to create the perfect piece of edible art. There really is a science to creating sushi and there’s more that meets the eye to the traditional Japanese dish. Have a read below of some pretty weird fun facts to satisfy your cravings.

Didn’t Come From Japan

Did you know that Sushi didn’t originate from Japan. Apparently it is thought to have started in South East Asia back in the second century as a way to help preserve salted fish.

A beautifuly presented sushi roll with sake bottles on a pink table

Nori Was Nasty

Nori is the seaweed that is used to wrap up your sushi. Seems simple enough. Well back in the good old days, nori was once the green scum scraped off wooden piers and underneath boats. Sounds delish! It was then pressed into sheets and dried in the sun. Lucky for you and me, it is now made from shredding edible seaweed. Few.

A pari of hands preparing sushi

Puffer Fish Sushi Exists

Remember The Simpsons episode where Homer eats the poisonous blowfish sushi? Well kids it exists! Fugu, aka pufferfish which has lethal amounts of poison in its glands and organs could potentially kill you if a chef accidentally touches said organs whilst prepping the dish. According to TripSavvy, to be certified to work with fugu sashimi, chefs in Japan must undergo a rigorous training and certification process which finishes with them eating their own finished product!

a large spiky puffer fish

You Don’t Event Need Your Chopsticks

Did you know that traditionally, sushi was eaten with your hands? They were made as quick snack, designed to be eaten in a bite and held in your hands. So there you have, fingers for chopsticks! But be careful not to get confused with sashimi which must be eaten with your chopsticks.

A pair of chopsticks picking up a piece of beautiful sushi

Sushi Was a Form of Currency

And finally in Ad 8th century Japan it is believed that sushi was so valuable that the Japanese were allowed to use it to pay taxes. Who knew? Although we’re not too sure about the validity of this one.

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