Have You Conquered The Spit To Manly?


One of the most iconic and beautiful walks Sydney has to offer. The hour and 15 minute walk offers a unique look at our humble beginnings and grand development, contrasting our protected past with our booming future.

View of beach with bright blue skies and sweeping green pine trees with coloured flags

Whether your a visitor or a local the Spit to Manly walk is a must do in Sydney. The 6km coastal hugging path is a walk worth traveling. Beginning at the iconic Spit Bridge you’ll continue up the coast line viewing 1,000 year old Aboriginal rock engravings along the sub-tropical, heathland and beach habitat. Experience the ancient authentic Australia in our protected nature headlands and whilst viewing the modern suburbia built into the hillsides and marvel at the multi million dollar mansions along the way.

Coastline with rocks and cloudy skies

Once you arrive in Manly continue along the Corso to the North Steyne and wonder up to Daniel San just across from the iconic Manly Beach. The perfect lunch on the weekends after a long walk. Grab a table outside and continue your enjoyment of our beautiful coast while dining on the freshest seafood dishes and a cheeky glass of wine,  you’ll have earned it!

Balcony full of people with beautiful views of Manly beach and tall green pine trees