All You Can Eat Dim Sum Fun


Every Wednesday we feed you till you can’t be fed no more! This mid week challenge is your chance to be a self proclaimed dumpling master. From 5pm every week for $24.50pp, it’d be rude not to!

Woman's hand with red painted anils holding fluffy bun above steamer basket on green table with more steamer baskets surrounding


The deal offers a range of different dumplings, dim sum and snacks such as pork buns and spring rolls with a side of miso soup and fried rice. Your meal starts with an offering of every kind of morsel we offer then you can pick and choose your favorites until your rolling out the door.

Green table with steamer baskets holding various dumplings and a woman's hand with red painted nails using chopsticks to hold small yellow and green dumpling Large stack of beige steamer baskets cascading tall on table in vibrant restaurant

The night has become so popular that bookings have become essential so make sure you secure your spot now by filling out the form or give or team a call between 9am-5pm!




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