Get To Know Your Sushi

a pink sushi roll styled with chipsticks

Become a sushi master before you order with us next time! Sushi is our favourite dish – we’re not going to lie! And we’re definitely not alone. This delectable edible art form has grown infinitely popular over the years with

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Christmas tree with decorations

Christmas in Japan

Christmas is a time to celebrate and we’re curious how the other half do it. Take a look at how

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AN image of john lennons eye

The Legend That Is John Lennon

We’re getting back to our rock n roll roots by remembering a true legend. Here are some interesting facts about

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a close up of a kirin beer bottle

5 Fun Facts about Kirin

The Kirin brand is filled with a weird and wonderful history. Let us show you why it is one of

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a dimmly lit orad with cherry blossom trees

What is Hanami?

We’re not the only ones loving the Japanese Cherry Blossom at the moment. The act of viewing these flowers even

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Cherry blossom trees on a lake

The Cherry Blossom: A Brief History

Our own Cherry Blossom festival has just launched, so we’re talking all things pink! Get to know everything there is

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A hand delicately rolling some delicious sushi

Sushi v Zushi – The Difference Explained

Always wondered why some people spell it sushi while others zushi? Have a read as we answer your curiosities below

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A pari of hands preparing sushi

Fun Facts About Sushi

Get excited for the launch of our new sushi menu with some interesting facts about our favourite artistic dishes Don’t

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A delicious layered beef burger

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hamburgers

Give Hamburger Day the respect it deserves and get yourself acquainted with everyone’s favourite sandwich. We’re celebrating International Hamburger Day

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A plat of colourful salmon sushi on a pink table

Where Did Sushi Come From?

Love sushi as much as we do? Become the ultimate sushi master with our quick history lesson below Ahhh sushi!

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